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Unfolding Revelation

Can Christians grow by holding firm
To doctrine or to creed?
The Shepherd leads His sheep to where
They in new pastures feed.

Can food of yesteryear suffice
For hunger of today?
Was it not for our daily bread
That He taught us how to pray?

A soul can never grow in grace
That is content to stay
In blissful contemplation of
The things of yesterday,

And live alone in memory
Of some bright evening star
His grace had sent to lead us on;
Not keep us where we are.

God's purpose for this hour.
Why live in flesh? The stratospheres
Are vibrant with His power!

There is a Spirit realm to which
We can triumphant rise,
And blend redemption's melodies
With music from the skies.

by Dr. Charles S. Price

Unfolding Revelation