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In His Garden

In the valley He restoreth my soul
In the stillness, He satisfies my longing heart
He walketh with me in green pastures
And by the cool streams.

In the shadows, He is my comfort and strength
In sorrow, He soothes my aching heart
He carries me high above the waves of despair
and loves me when I seem so unlovable, and unlovely.

He says " Thou art my beloved, I will never leave thee
Peace be still.
I love thee, and will carry you to my
Kingdom, oh one so fair.

For I see your heart, and it's desires
And you desire me well, and longingly
You will not be alone, for you shall reach out
to many empty and lonely souls.

Compel them to come in
where the 'Sonshine' will warm their hearts.
Be not afraid to reach out
To a lost and dying world

Don't hold back my Love
As I have given you
Freely give
And allow the Spirit to flow.

Some may seem to reject
Many will hunger for Truth
And the Love that is in you
Which is Christ Jesus.

Go My Love,
My lovely one
I will be In you,
And with you each step of the way.

You shall be strong
For My Spirit makes you whole,
So that you can do the work that I have called you to do.
Be Faithful, and you shall receive Life Everlasting."

Patti Neal

Unfolding Revelation