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I Have Said I Am A Christian

I have said I am a Christian:
That I follow Jesus Christ.
Since I use the name of Jesus,
May His life show in my life.

I accept the blood of Jesus;
I receive the Way God gave.
I receive His mighty Spirit,
And allow the Lord to Save.

For I know that human effort
Can't avail for righteousness,
I will trust myself to Jesus,
And, to Him, my need confess.

Now, I'm in a time of training,
And by grace I'm being healed,
While I grow to be like Jesus,
Till His fullness is revealed.

Since I say that I'm a Christian,
Let the living Christ abide.
Let not "Christian" be a label,
While Christ Jesus is denied.

As a Christian, though not perfect,
I'm forgiven by God's gift,
Through the payment made by Jesus,
God forgives, abides, and lifts.

My faith comes as I will hear Him;
It's the power of my prayer.
As I seek Him, I will find Him;
When I seek Him, He is there.

Let my hope rest in His goodness.
Come, Lord, live in me, I pray,
Flowing out in depth of purpose,
In all that I think and say.

If I truly love my Jesus,
I will seek to have His mind,
Just like Jesus, be a servant,
Who is humble, meek, and kind.

Since I say I am a Christian.
May His hope fill all my view.
Take all anger, strife, and envy
From my life, and make me new.

Let His Love flow through my being.
Let His Presence give me power.
May my heart be listening closely,
As He guides me hour by hour

My Christ Jesus lives within me,
"Come up higher," hear Him say,
"To a deeper, living glory;
Give the Spirit total sway."

My heart longs to go up higher,
To be freed from every sin.
I am seeking for fulfillment
That is only found in Him.

I desire the greatest blessing,
Pressing in with all my might,
Pressing toward His holy calling,
Till I reach the highest height.

And I seek to really know Him
More completely, day to day,
By the means that God has given;
I am walking in the Way.

Though I know I'm far from perfect,
Yet I long to be complete,
For I know that my completeness,
Will be found at Jesus' feet.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

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