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How to find a song
Use the search utilities right here to find your music. We have seen that you need to find certain songs, so we have put together this powerful search tool, plus some tips that will help you get what you want. Search this site. one of these Christian search engines. Pop up specialized search engines. Pop up a host of other search engines.

If your song can be found, it can be found here.

Search this site

Christian Song Locator newsgroup
Music Net Search(secular too)
Scour (be patient while loading)
Song Crawler(secular too)

Try these Christian Search Engines

Christianity Online
Christian Links
Best of the Christian Web
Awesome Christian Sites
Christian's Internet Directory
Christians Co Za (page down a bit to find it)
Christian Search Engine
Christians Unite
Christian Webcrawler
Ultimate Christian Resources
In Jesus
His Net
Cross Canada Search
Anointed Links (Scroll down the page a bit)
Cross Daily
Christain Life
Alpha and Omega

ccu Network
Christian Resources
Fish The Net
Everything Christian
Project Lifeline
Christian Top Sites
Word Library
Christ Sites
RSK Christian Music
Phat Phish
New Zealand Directory
Active Search Engine
Christian Topics
Youth Pastor
Open Heaven
Upon This Rock (nice graphics, but harder to navigate)

Regular old search engines.

These search engines can be used very well to find Christian songs, but you have to know some tricks with plus signs and quotes. If you search for the phrase (Amazing Grace), you may not have really good results. I just tried it in Alta Vista and got 43,970 pages. I'm sure the song is in there some place.

Try these combinations and see what you get: +"amazing grace"+"how sweet the sound"+"a wretch like me"

Or, try this: +"how sweet the sound"+"that taught my heart to fear"+"the hour I first believed"+lyrics That makes sure they use the word, lyrics in the page.

Or, try this if you want sheet music: +"how sweet the sound"+"that taught my heart to fear"+"the hour I first believed"+"sheet music"

Altavista (spawns ad windows)
Direct Hit
Northern Light
All In One

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

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