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Free Books and Tracts

Everything here is Free, no strings attached. At the bottom of this page are the instructions for getting free books and free tracts. Our prayer is that they bless you. Our prayer is that you get an even richer experience with the Lord. That the whole church would go beyond rationalized doctrines, dead forms and rituals. And that they would share their experience with others.

Now you can get the blessing of these helpful books and tracts absolutely free! Just check the ones you want and tell us where to send them. You can print out this page to make things easier if you like. See the bottom of this page for details.

Free Books

Feast of Tabernacles (unabridged version) by George Warnock

Get the original, complete, uncut version of The Feast Of Tabernacles. This version, includes all the information including how to lay hold of these promises of God, which was edited out of some texts that are in circulation. If you have read Feast of Tabernacles and wondered, "OK, but how can I take hold of these promises?" then get the unabridged version. Get this spiritual meat free now!

Government, a book by A. M. Hinchliff

If you have noticed that man-made forms and rituals are creeping into the church, this book will be a resource for you. This information-packed book explains how the Bible says the church is supposed to function. Get it free now!

The Move of the Spirit of God

Understand what God is doing right now and what He is about to do in the light of the events of history and God's great plan for the ages. Get it free now!

The Church, a book by A.G. Wagar

What is the Church? What is the function of the Church in the world? What is God's plan for the Church in the future? How is the Church governed? Get the Scriptural answers. Get it free now!

Sons and Sonship, by Alan Hinchliff

Find out the difference between being a child of God and a son of God. Understand what the Bible says about the high calling to which the you are called at this time. Get it free now!

Submission and Headship in Christian Marraige, by Gilbert James

Transform your home into a heaven on earth. Understand the true meaning of headship and submission. Dispel the many myths that have plagued Christian marraiges. Get it free now!

Free Tracts

You Are Loved, by Hardi Kubassak

Use this comforting tract to bring assurance to the downhearted. It is an excellent soul-winning tool. Get it free now!

Sexual Intimacy, A Message To Young People by Andy Snoke

This helpful tract is an excellent guide to this important and delicate subject. Easy to understand. Get it free now!

Growing in Christ, by A. G. Wagar

You can grow in Christ. This edifying tract is literally a practical guide for how to grow in Christ. Get it free now!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, by A. G. Wagar

This amazing tract explains the work of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a way that makes it easy to understand. Get it free now!

A Word To The Wise, by E. Kubassek

Don't be deceived! This important tract explains the danger of humanism, the new age movement, extra-biblical and non-Christian religions, and religions with evil power. Get it free now!

The Sharon Star

The Sharon Star

The Sharon Star is a delightful periodical (about once every two month as the Spirit leads) publication filled with Scripture-based articles. It is a medium of information for all who are interested in the unfolding revelation of the Word of God. Subscribe to it free now!

Send requests for books or tracts to:
Christian Freeware
c/o Jerry Cornell
P.O. Box 161
Elburn, IL 60119
please remember to include your address. Where should we send it?
(Contact information will NOT be given to any third parties)

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