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I want to do what Jesus would do.
I want to do what Jesus would do.
I fall short of His glory each day.
Though I may try, I can't walk His Way.
I fall short in each deed, word, and thought.
Though I may try, o'rcome I cannot.
How can I know what Jesus would do?
How can I do what Jesus would do?

Only if He reveals it to me.
Only if He is living in me.
Only when He my whole being fills
Only when I submit to His will.
Only when I to self fully die.
Only when I to Christ am alive.
I shall know just what Jesus would do.
I shall do just what Jesus would do.

It will be Him who does it in me.
And I from sin will then be set free.
Even right now I stand in His glow,
I find His life in some measure flows.
Stand in His presence now Oh my soul.
His Spirit will transform and make whole.
Lord, now I pray: each day, ever more
Cause me to seek and enter this Door.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

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