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Two Spirits

The human spirit, its violence is plain to see now.
Its 'righteous' anger justifying sin.

The Holy Spirit, His fruit spring forth in all who follow.
Let those who have been born now walk in Him.

The human spirit, all violence proceeds from this source.
With faulty reason, vile acts defends.

The Holy Spirit, all love and peace proceeds from this Source.
He is the Christ, the power of God within.

The human spirit, It feeds on envy. Full of malice!
It reaches out exalting thoughts of self.

The Holy Spirit, He moves in mercy. How He loves us!
He moves in love through those who yield themselves.

The human spirit, it has a usurped power destructive.
It makes demands for "rights" and privileges.

The Holy Spirit, His power is God's power within us.
Self-sacrifice marks all who now are His.

The human spirit, it points its finger and accuses.
It thanks its God for all its righteousness.

The Holy Spirit, He looks for fruit meet for repentance.
And contrite hearts that ask Him to forgive.

The human spirit, it brings attention to its own self.
It loves itself. Its selfish ways are known.

The Holy Spirit, He always points the way to Jesus.
He speaks of Christ, exalting Him alone.

The human spirit, it speaks of its own puffed up virtue
It seeks to prove that it is good and right.

the Holy Spirit, He speaks of that which is true virtue.
He points the way from darkness to the LIGHT.

The human spirit, its so deceptive; who can know it.
It uses pseudo-science to tell lies.

The Holy Spirit, He looks for willing hearts who hear Him.
He speaks only of Truth from up on High.

The human spirit, the power of the human psyche.
They work together in hypocrisy.

The Holy Spirit, The power of the Holy Father.
He is the One Who sets the captives free.

The human spirit, it tries to find some human method.
The human ways where all confusion lurks.

The Holy Spirit, He points the way to Gods own methods.
And from God's Word reveals the way that works.

The human spirit, it claims to have attained all fullness.
It seeks to show that it is good and blessed.

The Holy Spirit, He urges all to come to fullness.
He urges us to press on toward His rest.

The human spirit, it claims that there is no Truth for us.
It looks to made-up lies to build its tower.

The Holy Spirit, He points the way, the way to Jesus.
For Jesus is the Truth; in Him is power.

The human spirit, it speaks of human effort working.
It tries to use the self to bring reform.

The Holy Spirit, He simply brings us to The New King.
The King of kings in all who are reborn.

The human spirit, it thinks it sees with understanding.
It's blind with no capacity for sight.

The Holy Spirit, His hope sees just what God is doing.
The King of kings, we seek with all our might.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

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