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This Is The Anointing Of Being

At any moment, we can link ourselves
To the power of that infinite One.
He, Who orders everything,
He, Who is the King of kings,
He, Who forms and molds,
He, Who sets and holds
The order of all that exists,
He, by Whom all things consist,
The One Who holds all things in His control.

Wisdom is the practice of talking to this One in prayer,
And of listening and hearing and of moving with Him there,
Standing in His presence, struck with holy awe,
Knowing there is nothing else that can, in heaven or earth, compare.

This is the anointing of being.
The anointing of becoming is so near.
This is the Kingdom of God we are seeing.
The Kingdom of God is here.

A righteousness built on love's Light.
Rather than weakness and fear.
Springing from God's own great might.
The Kingdom of God is here.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

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