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The Purity Ring

Let this ring now ever be
A symbol of your purity,
An emblem of your love for Me.
For I am He Who leadeth thee,
Who gave My life upon the tree,
And all this for your purity.

And when your eyes behold and see
This ring,
This ring of purity,
Remember this,
The promise that you made to Me,

For I own every minute of each hour.
Your future is secure within My power.

And when I tell you, "Look and see,
The one whom I prepared for thee."
Then you will see.
You'll know why I preserved your purity,
And kept you safe from all the worldly,
And why I drew you unto me.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

Just a word of advice to those who expect one day to marry. Here is the secret to finding the right person to share your whole life with. First, forget about all the silly ways that the worldly try to find someone. Why would you want to do what doesn't work for anyone else except for the fantasies on TV? Rather, just run toward Jesus as hard and as fast as you can. As you run, when you notice another one who is running along side of you, take another look at that one. God will bring someone. Wait for them.

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