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Science And Logic Are Limited Tools

Science and logic are limited tools.
Overextending them makes people fools.
Rationalism assumes beyond fact,
Making up data that science had lacked.

Chains are as strong as the link that is weak.
Buckets with one hole will still have a leak.
Science that's false adds assumptions to fact,
Making up data that science had lacked.

Faith, on the other hand, comes from above.
It is a substance, which God gives in love.
Blindness is lifted by faith, so we see
Matters of Spirit and eternity,

Going beyond where the human can go,
Into the power of Him, Whom we know,
Unto the One Whom the world abhorred,
Into the presence of Jesus, our Lord.

How sad the problem with mere human minds!
Pride and assumption of false science blinds.
Thinking they're wise people show themselves fools:
Science and logic are limited tools.

Copyright Bob and Kathy Stenson. Freeware. Use it freely.

Science: It might be important to note that scientists do not agree on any one definition of science. Scientists do not agree on any scientific method. I like to think of science as a method of finding out about the creation using observation and logic . . . and excluding rationalizations and made up stories. This form of science is limited to those things that can be measured and observed, and even has limitations in that area, but it is useful. This type of science gives us things like lawn mowers, cars, planes, and boats.

There is much that can be observed now that, at one time, could not be observed. There is much that is naturally observable that we cannot observe because we have not developed technology to observe. Science has no ability to establish a relationship with God, because it is dependent on the natural mind, which cannot receive the things that are of God. Science cannot discern the things of the spiritual realm.

Theoretical science: A method of acquiring what is falsely called knowledge by mixing observation with rationalized assumptions, which are merely made up stories. This is the method of the fairy tale for getting knowledge. It's as reliable as a lie. If a scientist says, "Let's suppose that there was no world-wide flood," then that scientist should keep in mind that the supposition is merely a momentary thought that is based on noting at all.

Logic: A method of processing data using only those rules that can be observed to always be true. True logic is limited to only what can be observed. It is like true science in that it is of limited value in the realm of the Spirit of God. In all things, we only know in part. This is true of logic. We only know what God has revealed.

Leveraged logic or false logic: A method of processing data that accepts assumptions (things you make up without proof) as being valid. This is the fairy tale method for getting knowledge. News flash: Knowledge that is false is not really knowledge. Education in false knowledge educates people into ignorance.

Secular Humanist Logic: The logic taught in most universities. This is a type of false logic. Being false logic, it accepts assumptions as valid. It rejects truth. Secular Humanist logic limits the assumptions you may use to certain specific unproven assumptions, e.g. rationalism, materialism, naturalism, and any other assumptions that the so-called intellectuals claim to be valid assumptions.

Intellectuals: About 200 years ago a group of people declared themselves to be the intellectuals and started a secular humanist religious denomination, which they called modernism. In their opinion, they are the enlightened ones.

Rationalism: The unproven and unprovable assumption that the human mind can make up valid assumptions without the benefit of observation or revelation. It is the belief that the human mind is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. It turns the human mind into a god.

Irrational: the word applied, by the intellectuals, to anyone who will not accept their assumptions of materialism and naturalism or any other assumptions that they declare to be "valid".

Humanistic Open-mindedness: A person is labeled, by the so-called intellectuals, as open-minded as long as he or she continues to accept as fact all the assumptions of the intellectuals and reject the precepts found in the Bible.

Materialism: The unproven and unprovable assumption that there is no God and there are no spirits or angels.

Naturalism: The unproven and unprovable assumption that God, spirits and angels don't do anything.

Modernism: The debunked belief that scientists would be able to prove that God doesn't exists using science, logic, rationalism, materialism and naturalism. After all the money they spent trying to prove their "no God" doctrine, they have done quite the opposite. They have proven that there is no set of assumptions that will fit the scientific observations unless God exists. In simple English, they have shown all their assumptions to be silly lies. They proved that God is.

Postmodernism: Postmodernism is becoming increasingly popular with the intellectuals, since modernism has failed. Postmodernism has many definitions, depending who you talk to. This definition is referring to the belief that everything is relative and that there are no absolutes. This is the belief that everything is in chaos. This form of postmodernism believes that there is no absolute right or absolute wrong. It believes that these concepts of right and wrong are merely conventions of society. The postmodernists believe that there is no such thing as honesty, but there are successful liars and unsuccessful liars. Since there is no honesty, great emphasis is placed on successfully spinning stories in the favor of the postmodernist. You may have recently seen this philosophy acted out in high-ranking positions, in the government, in corporations and in news agencies.

Natural Selection: Offspring receive traits from parents through the gene pool. They are more likely to receive the traits of their parents than the other traits that are available in the gene pool. Because of the survival of the fittest, the traits that give the greatest chance for survival tend to be automatically selected from the available traits that are already in the gene pool. Should the environment change to make other traits more desirable, then those traits are selected, over several generations, by the same process of natural selection. Over time, it can be observed that new traits have become dominant due to environment, but the gene pool remains unchanged. It doesn't result in a drift toward a new species. In rare instances, a gene may be altered by something, like perhaps being hit by a sub-atomic particle, to produce an offspring outside of the normal gene pool. There has, however, never been an observed instance of a change of this nature that would create a higher chance for survival.

Chance Mutations: Chance mutations can introduce changes to the available information stored in the DNA molecule while natural selection doesn't result in a drift toward a new species. In rare instances, a gene may be altered by something, like perhaps being hit by a sub-atomic particle, to produce an offspring outside of the normal gene pool. There has, however, never been an observed instance of a change of this nature that would create a higher chance for survival.

Macro Evolution: A theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations. This hypothesis has been determined to be a scientific impossibility, and more and more scientists are trying to distance themselves from this it.

Micro Evolution: The theory that changes occur between parent and offspring in the plant and animal world. Micro evolution is that which occurs within a grouping of living organisms that are able to procreate. It is possible for certain random events to change the gene pool so that an offspring's gene pool is different from the gene pool that was available to the parent. There has, however, never been an observed instance of a change of this type resulting in a greater chance for survival. The second law of thermodynamics applies to these types of changes in that all such changes result in a lower degree of organization and a loss of information. Because of the number of experiments that have been conducted, a genetic change that would result in macro evolution has been determined to be a statistical impossibility.

Organizations controlled by postmodernists and modernists: Public schools, most institutes of higher learning, most news agencies, most of the courts, many religious denominations.

So what is the answer? How can we go beyond science and logic to attain this knowledge of God? Theology and most of religion has shown itself to be no more than an extension of the same rationalism that got the scientists in over their heads. Human effort has proved itself to be an exercise in futility. Studying all the religions will not do it. Even the laws, given by God on Mt. Sinai, have proven to be inadequate because of the extreme weakness of the human and the human inability to obey God's laws. The answer is simply this. God exists and He is good. He knows how to give good gifts to any who ask Him for those gifts. He rewards those who seek Him. In other words, they will find Him, if they sincerely continue to seek Him.

He has provided His faith, which is a spiritual substance, actually a part of Himself. He will give this faith to anyone who is open to it. Anyone who is really open-minded is a person with faith. The depth of their faith is determined by their openness. This faith is able to allow us to believe in Jesus Christ and receive the redemptive work that He did on the cross. This pays the price of our former rebellion and bridges the gap to God. God is able to give us wisdom and knowledge that goes beyond the natural. By His faith, which He gives us, we understand that He framed the worlds. These things that can only be known in such vague and uncertain terms by science and logic can be seen very clearly by the power of the substance of the faith that comes from God. This faith also gives us the ability to take hold of God's grace and to use His grace. This is true power and freedom from all the sin nature that had previously bound us. Though we may only have been able to appropriate a small measure of this freedom and power up until this time, we can daily press in to a greater measure of it.

Unfolding Revelation