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Free Gospel Music Net Musical Options FAQ

Why doesn't the music play?

If there is no link, the midi or mp3 file has not yet been created. You must have certain things on your machine to play a midi file. You need a sound card and speakers. You probably have some sort of software that plays midi, but in order to hear midi, you must have that software enabled. Midi won't work on some machines unless Java is enabled on the browser. Your machine may be different. The music is simply a midi (.mid) file, which is a musical instrument format that is almost universal to all machines or else an mp3.

How do I download a midi file?

Once the file is playing, if you right click on the player, that will usually give you the option to download the midi. Sometimes you can just right click on the link.

Why download midi?

You get software that will convert a midi file into sheet music. You may have software that will allow you to edit the midi and make your own arrangement of the song. You may want to play the song on your machine when you aren't on the internet. You may want to put the midi onto a web page that you have.

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